IN PHOTOS: David Guetta Kicked Off An Amazing 2017!

2017’s first concert is David Guetta and it was the right way to kick off the year.

David Guetta Kicked Off An Amazing 2017

It is not David Guetta’s first time in the country, but being the biggest DJ in the world, of course he would find his way back to the Philippines. Fans partied yet again with the DJ over his unforgettable electronic dance music matched with psychedelic visuals flashed across the stage of Araneta Coliseum.

 David Guetta Kicked Off An Amazing 2017

David Guetta performed his greatest hits like Shot Me Down, Play Hard, Bad, and Titanium. Everyone sang and danced along.

David Guetta Kicked Off An Amazing 2017

My favorite part of the show is when he performed ‘When Love Takes Over’ and everyone took out their phones and started taking photos and waved their hands with the lights along with every beat of the music.

David Guetta Kicked Off An Amazing 2017

During the concert, David said “I like music and sports because it brings everybody together.” Then he dropped the beat and everyone lost their minds and danced the night away.

David Guetta’s second time in Manila is brought to us by Wilbros and Smart Music Live.

Were you there too? What was your favorite part of the concert? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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