I AM HOPE: Dare to Dream

Kythe I Am Hope

Reach for the sky. Hold on with your heart. Don’t ever let go. Now on its 5th year, the I Am Hope project celebrates the reverie of big hopes and wishes of brave kids who go through the daily struggles of cancer.

Be part of the external flagship project of Kythe-Ateneo, happening on September 21, 12 noon at the UP College of Science Amphitheatre that invites Kythe kids on a day out of their hospitals to enjoy a mini-fair just for them with 20 partner organizations/foundations and sponsors.

If you’re interested, there are 4 ways on how to help:

1) Pledge a paper crane

2) Sponsor-an-expense

3) Be a buddy on the day

4) Buy our shirt.

To get to know more about us, like us on Facebook, facebook.com/KytheIAmHope, and follow us on Twitter, @KytheAteneo.

I AM HOPE: Dare to Dream

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