Evan Rachel Wood Rocks Androgynous Look

By on June 23, 2011

There’s something uniquely sexy about women who dare to chop off their trademark locks and yet they manage to pull off their new look effortlessly. I can only name a handful of female celebs who’ve done that: Carey Mulligan, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Demi Moore… and the latest being Evan Rachel Wood. Over the years, the actress has experimented with different hair colors, albeit always long. From ginger, black, to honey blonde, Wood has tried it all. And now that she has opened up about her bisexuality, it seems a cropped ‘do suits her perfectly.


Evan Rachel Wood’s Chameleon-like Hair Transformation

Sweet and au naturel: Wood in Honey Blonde


Foxy redhead: Wood in Ginger


Elegant and poised: Brunette Wood


Going Dita: Wood in Black (not a fan...next!)


Androgynous: Wood chopping it all off (Photo credit: Jeffrey Mayer/Wire Image)


How to Get Evan Rachel Wood’s Spankin’ Short Updo

  1. Apply volumizing spray all over the roots of wet hair.
  2. Blow dry in different directions, off the face, then take a dime-size amount of hard wax, rubbing it between your hands and spreading it through the hair with your fingertips from the back forward.
  3. Lay the sides of the hair flat and mess up the top, adding more wax as needed.
  4. Twist random pieces, then spray all over with hairspray.

(Source: People)


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