ENTERTAINMENT: “The Princess Diary 3” Might Just Happen!

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If you are a big fan of “The Princess Diaries,” then you might just be in for a real treat!

Apparently, the lead stars of the movie, Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway, are on board for the third installment of the film.

The possibility of a third movie was announced in 2015. However, nothing concrete has been set since. Moreover, the plan was derailed sadly because of the director of the first two installments, Garry Marshall, passed away unexpectedly. Since then, fans had very little hope that the third film will push through.

Julie Andrews confirmed that she’s on board with this film via Buzzfeed.

It’s been 13 years since the last movie. Every fan is ready for the next installment.

Do you want another “The Princess Diaries” installment? Will you watch it?

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