ENTERTAINMENT: Team Kramer Goes to Maldives, Kids’ ‘Favorite Playmates’ Join in the Fun Vacation

It seems like it’s starting to rain more frequently in Manila but it’s still summer somewhere out there.

Team Kramer took advantage of the remaining summer days to spend it in the lovely Maldives.

The entire family (Doug, Cheska, Clair Kendra, Scarlett Louvelle, and Gavin Phoenix) and the kids’ favorite playmates seem to be having a grand time in Maldives.

They posted several photos on their Facebook Page, Team Kramer, of their ongoing vacation.

They also posted a short clip of the kids enjoying the beach.

Maldives looked overcast though but it seems Team Kramer brought with them their sunshine.

Oh Maldives!

Have you been to Maldives? If you’re planning to go, can we come? :)

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