ENTERTAINMENT: “Catwalk King” Plays Basketball in High Heels

“Catwalk King” Sinon Loresca does something out of the ordinary once again.

After going viral for his outdoor catwalk video that even gto the attention of international media and has obtained millions of views in just a few days, Sinon posted another viral video where he plays basketball with his pals… in high heels, of course.

He captioned his Instagram post with “Basketball mode in heels lol.”

Basketball mode with heels lol 🏀👠👠

A post shared by 🅾️FFICIAL 🅰️CCOUNT 🇵🇭 (@sinonloresca) on

Due to his viral videos, Sinon even got invited to guest on the US TV show “The Doctors.”

Wowza. That’s some hard basketball to play. The game is not easy in itself, imagine doing it in high heels.

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