Beyonce’s Charity Song Finally Leaps Over “Despacito”

Beyoncé’s new charity song has finally dethroned “Despacito”, which spent a record-holding 35 weeks on top of the chart.

The 36-year-old superstar’s Spanish-language remix of “Mi Gente”opened on top of the United States Latin Song chart, which Beyoncé recorded for charity in efforts to help with the hurricane relief in the United States and nearby islands.

“Mi Gente”, written by Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin from the African dance rhythms of French DJ Willy William, was at number two on the Billboard Latin Song chart for 11 weeks before taking over “Despacito”.

According to Beyoncé, all proceeds from sales of the Mi Gente remix, which translates to “My People”, would go to the victims of the hurricanes that hit the Caribbean and the southern United States.

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