Vince Golangco (Published: 848 Articles)
Vince Golangco is the Founder & Publisher of WhenInManila.com, where he manages over 200 contributors, writers, photographers and story tellers. Vince graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a minor in Business. He has over 10 years of international experience in marketing, advertising and creative writing. He served as an Information Systems Technician in the United States Navy, was a Marketing & Development Coordinator at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Senior Media Planner for Bright Box Media, was a radio DJ and hosted a tech TV show in Manila. Vince is a surfer, a skater, a writer, a US Military Veteran, Junior Chamber International (JCI) member, an AKPsi brother and an adventure seeker. Connect with Vince on Twitter @VinceGolangco.


Frank Ruaya & Mae Ilagan (Published: 180 Articles)
This amazing tandem are but simply 2 crazy shutterbugs who love making magic together! Believe it or not, these pathological picture takers used to be seatmates during their elementary years and surprisingly crossed paths again after 16 years and never stopped clicking since then! This dynamic duo devote themselves in showing people about the goodness of life by featuring picturesque places, discovering new flavors, writing stories and most of all, sharing their blessings to others! Oh and by the way, they were also awarded titles such as Sooo Pinoy's "Ultimate Pinoy Food Blogger" and "Digital Tourism Ambassador"! Be sure to follow them all the way as they conquer the world and beyond! To know more about their adventures (& misadventures), feel free to visit their blog @ www.eatsadate.com

Angeline Rodriguez (Published: 131 Articles)
Angeline Rodriguez is a writer, a blogger, a movie aficionado, a princess, a superhero and a mother of one... for now. She loves Star Wars, Starbucks, starfish, (Ziggy) stardust and Starman. Clearly, David Bowie is her God. Visit her website at your own risk at http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com and prepare to be blinded by awesomeness.

Joanne Catherine Tan (JoTan23) (Published: 120 Articles)
JoTan is a Foodie, Travel Enthusiast & she lives her everyday life as if it was the last. "IT'S FOR THE EXPERIENCE" -- this is what she always tell people when she wants to do something FUN like Mountain Climbing, Rappelling on a Hanging Bridge (which was not determined if it was in good condition since it was a really old PNR Bridge), Eating Beef Liver SASHIMI (yes, the raw one) and even Jumping off the Plane at 15,000 feet. She also loves to share the new things she learned, her adventures and other personal encounters through her blog: http://jotan23.blogspot.com (Food, Travel and Living blogger)

Janelle Yau (Published: 111 Articles)
I’m a girl who believes that her brain is filled with rainbows, unicorns, glitters, and gold stars! I use my imagination ALL the time and I refuse to ever stay somber… well, not all the way at least. I am occasionally a shrieker, sometimes a blogger, oftentimes a dreamer but forever and always a fighter. For more sparks and love, follow me on Twitter: @janelleyau

Cholo Isungga (Published: 93 Articles)
Cholo Isungga is an audiophile, gadget freak, gaming geek, photographer, car addict, health freak and gym buff :p Cholo is a freelance writer and photographer. You can contact him through his email at [email protected] and you can follow his blog at http://choloisungga.wordpress.com/

Cheryl Golangco (Published: 86 Articles)
Cheryl Golangco is a preschool teacher and also the owner of LittleRunningTeacher.com. On Sundays, she can often be found running in various fun runs. When not in writing about school and sports on her website, Cheryl enjoys attending and writing about various events like concerts, plays, food trips and anything under the sun! Connect with Cheryl through http://Twitter.com/CherylGolangco

Christina Advincula (Published: 84 Articles)
Tin Advincula is currently a BA Creative Writing student in UP Diliman and a Fashion Journalism student in SoFA. She is a fashion enthusiast and dancer, a true admirer of the arts. Thus aside from writing for wheninmanila.com; she also manages an online shop named GARBonline and her personal blog: tinthescribbler.wordpress.com . She is passionate about food, fashion faith and dance. Follow her in twitter @tinadvincula for her daily scribbles about life.

Gretchen Gatan (Published: 78 Articles)
It’s a little difficult to capture who Gretchen really is—with all her little quirks and complexities. One thing is certain—she spends most of her time writing in the attic. What strikes you as quiet, shy, and a bit aloof can also be strange, giggly, and extremely awkward. With a major in Creative Writing from Ateneo de Manila University, it’s only natural that this 25-year old child-at-heart enjoys creating fantasies in her head and reading fiction—mostly fanfiction. She finds happiness in playing ultimate and going on spontaneous adventures with her partner in crime, the Cupcake. She loves food more than she loves people. She likes to dress up in pretty frocks, classic pieces, and a variety of skirts. She’ll book a trip to the beach any chance she can get, and hopes to see more of the world. The Junkyard is literally a dump site of her favorite things. To get the latest updates and watch out for Greta’s Junkyard Giveaways, like the Junkyard’s Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.

Ivica Rae Say (Published: 77 Articles)
Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and passed the June 2009 nursing boards. Enjoys the beach and bikinis. Loves photography and multimedia. A certified cat lover. Follow her at instagram @chynna87 and twitter @ivycah. Don't forget to visit her website at http://runnurse.com.

Raisa Tan (Published: 75 Articles)
Raisa is a co-host on The Morning After which airs every Saturday, 6 to 10 am, and every Sunday, 6 to 9 am, only on Mellow 94.7, sounds good! Connect with her: Facebook.com/raisa947

Alessi Brugada (Published: 71 Articles)
Alessi is a 22-year old registered nurse who moonlights as a local tourist. She plans on exploring as much of what the world has to offer, even if she has to break her 12-midnight curfew to do so. When she's not helping mothers give birth in the delivery room or blogging about awesome stuff on WhenInManila.com, she's probably writing about stuff she likes on alessilikesit.tumblr.com

Nikko Panti (Published: 67 Articles)
Nikko loves going to places that offers relaxation and entertainment at the same time. He also love watching movies and theater plays, going to concerts, museums and events, and reading good books. On top of that all, he loves to eat really good food! He believes that all that we need to survive is freshly brewed coffee and macarons! Follow him on Twitter, @misterbaks. And read his really boring blog: themisterbaks.com, where he chronicles his uber boring life!

Charmaine Cabugnason (Published: 64 Articles)
Sharkmaine. Jill of a few trades. Loves to eat and travel. A weekender and an adrenaline junkie. Loves the sea but doesn't know how to swim. Believes in making each day count! See my other (mis) / adventures at www.sharkmaine.com

Richeline Mascarinas (Published: 64 Articles)
Rich is a qualitative market researcher and a senior writer for When in Manila. Her interests include observing and writing about digital media trends and social issues. She loves to watch theater plays, analyze films, attend gigs, travel, and try new things.

Charles Angel Lacson (Published: 57 Articles)
CharlesAngel is based in Singapore. She used to do freelance modelling but still the fervor of writing & photography is her calling. An eclectic fashionista by heart, she likes chewing on her pen tip writing. She believes that every photo deserves more ♥. Charles' mantra? Live & Let Live. A Certified gay for Drew Barrymore. A purveyor of writing and all things bee-yoo-ti-pool. Follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/_wickeRmoss_

Ruth dela Cruz (Published: 51 Articles)
Ruth used to pull shots of espresso but currently works with people who move around the globe. She is a wondering wanderer, foodie, a frugal fashionista - and yes, the world is her ramp! Follow her on Twitter @ruthilicious and read her raves, reviews and rambles at www.ruthilicious.blogspot.com.

Ethel Merioles (Published: 51 Articles)
Delightful misery, mad wit, tragic laughter, tangible energy. Catch her on LifestyleManila.com and on . Or, you know, you can just like her Facebook page.

Jason Cruz (jsncruz) (Published: 46 Articles)
The man for #SocialMedia #DigitalMarketing #CMGT. All social profiles: jsncruz. We can change our world for the better. MRM x McCann. The Gentlemanlier.

Daniel Kaity (Published: 46 Articles)
Working Mom. l travel. I shoot. I write. I do everything I like! Life is full of contradictions and the best way to live it is to enjoy it!

KC Canlas (Published: 39 Articles)
A foodie, travel junkie, newbie photog, and frustrated book author. Blogs to share and immortalize her experiences. Enjoys a good scenery. Supersizes a good meal. Gets a good drink on the rocks. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't waste time writing about it. Lives by "being awesome and spreading it". Check out where she is headed to next at Spread Some Awesome. Get updates at @BeAwes0me. Instagram Foodporn: @BeAwes0me

Martin Vicencio (Published: 37 Articles)
Martin is an avid professional wrestling fan. He is also into sports, food and secretly trying to hone his craft in the realm of theater. As a side-note, Martin is also the owner/author of this lovely blog: http://dextreme88.wordpress.com

Marita Galvez (Published: 36 Articles)
Marita Galvez also known as Student jock "Mcqueen" on the airwaves of Mellow 94.7. Studying BA Fashion Design and Marketing at School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA Manila), Freelance Fashion stylist, opportunist & optimist. If you don't see her juggling photo shoots with fashion shows, She's out and about in the streets of Manila supporting orginal pinoy rock music."When people ask what I really want to ultimately be, I can think of a million things. I have the weirdest metaphorical claustrophobia: A life in a 4 cornered box will never be for me. Why do one when you can do all, right?" twitter.com/marita_galvez maritagalvez.tumblr.com youtube.com/abcrayola

Shayla Sanchez (Published: 36 Articles)
Shayla wears many hats. Apart from being a Senior contributor for wheninmanila.com, she is also professional boudoir and wedding photographer for Imagine Nation Photography and theboudoirdolls.com. When not shooting weddings, people or places, Shayla also enjoys being a regular weekend jock for a local radio station, Mellow 94.7 where she gets to work on her other God-given passions, talking and sharing her love for music. She believes it is only best that we honor God by using the talents He has blessed us with and share that with the people around us that they may be inspired to do the same---to live a full life blessed in so many ways by HIM. Check out more of my Photography here : www.shaylasanchez.com

Arlene Briones (Published: 35 Articles)
Mocchachino-macchiato-driven-beach-lovin'-spa-addict-wedding-boudoir-and-lifestyle-photographer. A storyteller at heart with an eyegasmic awe of God's creations & love. http://arlenebriones.com


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