Anderson Cooper vs Korina Sanchez: CNN Host Challenges Her to Come to Tacloban

Anderson Cooper vs Korina Sanchez: Filipino Media Personality Married to High Government Official Attacks CNN Host


I don’t know about you, but I think this is quite embarrassing.

Philippine media personality, Korina Sanchez, who also happens to be married to Philippine Interior Minister: Mar Roxas,  is questioned by CNN as to why she publicly attacked their journalist, Anderson Cooper.

In her radio program, comfortably far away from the super typhoon hit areas, the Philippine Interior Minister’s wife, Korina Sanches, says:

“Itong si Anderson Cooper, sabi wala daw government presence sa Tacloban. Mukhang hindi niya alam  ang sinasabi niya. (This Anderson Cooper. He said there was no government presence in Tacloban. It seems he doesn’t know what he is talking about).”


CNN’s Anderson Cooper defends coverage: challenges Korina Sanches to come to Tacloban


The CNN report start off by saying:

“The government estimates that 2 million people are in desperate need of food. TWO MILLION! Despite the obsticles and the clear difficulties the government is having in getting relief to those who desperately need it, some in the Philippine media, would rather focus on the government’s image. A radio host in the Philippines, who just happens to be married to country’s interior secretary, accused our own Anderson Cooper of coming on the lead and claiming he saw no presence of the Philippine Government on the ground in Taccloban. Only problem is Anderson never said that.”


It’s really funny how CNN quickly picked up on the Korina Sanchez’s motives of protecting the Philippine Government’s image, since she is married to one of the Philippines’ high ranking officials.

So what happens now? Well…. sadly… nothing.

This “issue” will die down quicker than a Kim Kardashian marriage, then the media and the government will live happily ever after.

On the flip side, with the help of the internet, maybe more people will slowly realize how tightly knit the government and the media really are: only reporting things that might benefit both parties, and conveniently overlooking other stories that might ruin someone’s image. Maybe the people will slowly realize the B.S. they are eating up from the media and maybe, just maybe, the people can one day ask our government to raise the bar higher, and not just rely on their media connections, or overprotective wives.




See also video of Philippine Interior Secretary Mar Roxas grilled by CNN reporter Andrew Stevens:


And here’s how you can help the Philippines –


Anderson Cooper vs Korina Sanchez: Filipino Media Personality Married to High Government Official Attacks CNN Host

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