For powerful online advertising and viral social media campaigns, please email the Publisher - [email protected] is proud to announce that we have gone over the ONE MILLION (1,000,000) views rating within a month and we were recently ranked as one of the top 200 most viewed sites within the Philippines, by the internet ranking page Alexa. 

In fact, other than hitting over one million views a few months ago, last month, we actually hit another high of over 1.5 million views within at 30 day (one month) period. That includes over one million unique views!  

WhenInManila 1 one million Unique Views google analytics screenshot

Google Analytics Screenshot of’s 1.5 million views within a 30 day period. 


As you can see from the Google Analytics chart, we’re getting at least 20,000 views a day, which are the lower peaks and we go all the way up to 100,000 views and even close to 400,000 views in just one day. 

Moreover, our Like page is also getting separate unique views that reach up to FOUR MILLION (4,000,000+) impressions in just one week! 


WIM-4M-reach Four Million impressions per week 


Furthermore, running contest promotions on our site has proven to be HIGHLY effective and is one of the favorite marketing tactics that our partners love to do. See the screenshot of one of our recent contests below, that got over twenty five thousand (25,000) entries in just a few days! 

WhenInManila contest raffle entry 25000 entries

WhenInManila online marketing contest promotion with 25,000+ entries gets up to and over One Million (1,000,000+) views per month, we also have a very active community of over 130,000+ Fans on and 100,000+ Followers on

Lates update, November 2014, received 1,088,677 unique views and 1,616,827 pageviews. That’s over ONE MILLION UNIQUE views and over 1.5 MILLION views overall! was awarded as the #1 Emerging Influential Blog for 2010 and named one of the Rotary’s 10 Tourism Awardees for 2012, an honor shared with the likes of Zobel Ayala, Andrew Tan (chairman of Mega World & owner of Resorts World), Miguel Belmote (CEO of the Philippine Star) and more, for the 2012 batch. Additionally, we were awarded the title of “Ultimate Food Blogger” by Unilever / Sooo Pinoy organization. Furthermore, we were just named the Best Photo Blog and Microblog in the Philippines at the Globe Tatt Awards. 

With that, we just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the support! Thank you to the contributors who share their stories. Thank you to the partners who help us grow. And of course, thank YOU for being an avid and loyal reader! We would not have made it to one million unique views in a month, without YOU! 


UPDATE:  is now in the Top 200 most visited websites in the Philippines according to Alexa.


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Thanks so much and looking forward to working with you soon.


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