NLEx-SLEx Connector Project To Begin in 2018

The P23-billion expressway connecting the NLex and SLex will start construction by 2018, according to reports!


According to reports, Metro Pacific Tollways, the company behind the management of NLex and SLex, said it hired the services of Snowy Mountain Engineering Corp. to handle the detailed design of the NLEx-SLEx Connector Road.

Reports said that the actual construction, beginning in 2018, would be completed by 2020.

Metro Pacific Tollways is expecting the concession agreement on the project to be signed this month, with the government given 30 months upon signing of the concession agreement to grant right-of-way access.

The expressway would start at the junction of NLEx Segment 10 at C-3 Road/5th Ave. in Caloocan City, connecting to the  SLEx Skyway Stage 3 Project in Manila.

Metro Pacific Tollways would reportedly invest P15.74 billion in the NLEx-SLEx connecting project, while the government would spend P7.46 billion for right-of-way acquisition.

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